The Floating Tree

The Floating Tree

Frank Weyzig about The Floating Tree
(7 track Demo).

Detached from the ground. The floating tree… A shimmering light, in a wide open space…

I started this side project to create a safe haven for some of my musical works that never saw the daylight. While cleaning up my cellar I found a box with some of my old demo cassette tapes. Amazing, how many ideas just end up in a box somewhere hidden in a dark place. Over the years I have totally forgotten about most of this stuff. So, instead of casette tape dying of old age in a dark dusty corner, why not have some of this stuff out here on this site?

In the music player you will find a collection of some of my old demos and recordings that never have been released before. Most of the songs are old 4 track cassette recordings. Some of the vocals on it are merely guide vocals to be replaced later on. Unfortunately, later didn’t come…My aim is to reuse these initial ideas, rerecord the songs and someday release the refreshed tracks as a complete ‘Floating Tree’ album. Meanwhile, on this page, you can listen to the old stuff. And yes, some of the songs definitely have a kind of ‘retro’ touch to it. Most of the demos were written in the late eighties. Some of the stuff was created even before I first joined Clan Of Xymox in 1985…