is an art project that initially was focused around Rob Keyzer’s life journey to Spain, including the people and events involved during this particular period of time. The project comprises paintings, photos, stories and music. For the audio part, Rob and his Friend Frank Weyzig, who has his own special connection with Spain, composed and recorded a collection of tracks that reflect the general mood of the project.

‘Going to Catalunya’ can be seen as a metaphor for love, friendship and being on the lookout for beauty and the meaning of life. In that perspective the passing away of Marnix de Haas, one of Rob’s closest friends, has become a substantial part of the project. Both in vision and sound, Marnix is shimmering through as the wonderful person that he was and always will be…

First and foremost the music on this album is an integrated part of the special edition of the corresponding art-book by Lisa Keyzer. However, Rob and Frank concluded that the music by itself deserves a standalone release on CD and Vinyl as well. Each track corresponds with one or more paintings that Rob painted between end 2015 and early 2018. Perhaps one of these days you will experience the authenticity  of the complete project by visiting one of the installations / exhibitions or by capturing a copy of the special art- book.

released december 16, 2018
produced by Frank Weyzig and Rob Keyzer
recorded, arranged and mixed by Frank Weyzig
at Les Sureres, Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain
and at B4B studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
between autumn 2016 and summer 2018

words and music by Frank Weyzig and Rob Keyzer
except lyrics for ‘Infinito Extraño’ by Susana Arias
mastered at ‘Mastering Amsterdam’ by Darius van Helfteren

Going to Catalunya:
Rob Keyzer: acoustic guitars, vocals
Frank Weyzig: vocals, electric guitars, bass, keys, drum programming