“Spinning webs at night” -14 track live CD
Release date: June 05 – 2011
label: Echozone / Turmoil Music.

WRT (line-up 2009 – 2013). After the release of their studio album ‘Spiders in the Mind Web’ (2010), White Rose Transmission did some live gigs in Germany. One of these gigs was recorded live (at ‘Gallerie Message’ in Monchengladbach) and resulted in the White Rose Transmission Live album “Spinning Webs at Night”.

Besides live versions of tracks from ‘Spiders in the Mind Web’, on this new album you will also find some tracks from their previous albums and a powerfull cover version of The Sound’s “Silent Air”, written by Adrian Borland. Further more the album contains the brand new never before released track “Weightless”.


Recorded live at Gallerie Message Monchengladbach / Germany,
May 14, 2010.

Mixed and produced by Frank Weyzig. Live sound recorded by Jorg Scheuer. Mastered by Jorg Scheuer and Jorg Tochtenhagen.

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11; words by Carlo van Putten, music by Frank Weyzig and Rob Keyzer.
Tracks 7,8,13; words by Carlo van Putten, music by Rob Keyzer.
Tracks 12, 14; words and music by Adrian Borland.
Cover design by Frank Weyzig.

White Rose Transmission (line-up 2009 – 2013)
Carlo van Putten – vocals
Rob Keyzer – acoustic guitar
Frank Weyzig – keys, guitar, backing tracks & programming