Stargazing” – 17 track CD
Release date; May 27 – 2011

label: Echozone / Turmoil Music.

Two Born for Bliss members, Frank Weyzig and Remco Helbers, decided to join forces again to produce new music. For their new project, the main source of inspiration was the Internet. Inspired by the many mysteries of our modern times: conspiracies, alien abductions, UFO encounters and other strange events, Frank and Remco searched the Internet for unusual sounds and strange recordings. These elements give shape to the StarGazing project in a very peculiar way…

Searching the Internet, they came across a spoken interview in which a woman claims to be abducted by aliens. This interview triggered the initial idea for the StarGazing project. The song “Stargazing”, that was build around the audio recording of this interview, reflects the mood and state of mind of the woman, who is clearly emotionally affected by the experience…

While they were writing the music for the album, it became clear that all the songs were breathing this same strange emotion. Even the lyrics are being affected in the same way and drift seamlessly from dream to reality. After editing, mixing and placing the songs in a particular order, there appears to be an underlying storyline, the sory of a woman who seems to have lost her grip on reality. A story being told from the perspective of the woman’s friend.

But, is this woman really losing her grip on reality after all?…


Stargazing Project

Frank Weyzig:
vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler & programming
Remco Helbers:
programming, sampler, Chapman Stick, keyboards